Our trip to the Fairtrade Genussmarkt

On Friday, 25th April, we went to the Fairtrade Genussmarkt. It was really interesting.

At first we talked with a woman who is a specialist in evironmental issues. She told us that much waste is tossed out which isn’t expired and how it’s possible that so much waste lands in the trash. She also said that many people look at the minimum expiration date and when they see that it’s out-of-date they toss it out.

Then a guide named Florian led us in a „Koje’’ and showed us a film which was about work on the Ivory Coast. I couldn’t believe that kids or teenagers have to work hard there and they haven’t got a chance/aren’t allowed to go to school. After the film he showed us the Genussmarkt. We saw many stations and we were also permitted to taste and drink a lot from the fairtrade products.

Then Florian said that we could walk around the Genussmarkt a little bit and discover the diversity of Fairtrade. I liked the station where you could press your own lemon juice most and also, I liked the technology station where they made jewellery with parts of computers, mobile phones, washing machines etc…

At the end we had to go back to the ’’Koje’’ and talk a little bit about how it was.

Unfortunately Sarah-Sophie and I made the lemon juice in this time and forgot the time.

So we came a little bit too late to hear all the things he said. It was a really exciting trip and I learned a lot about fairtrade. (Marlene, 4a)


Fairtrade Genussmarkt

On Fr,25th April, we went to the Fairtrade Genussmarkt. It was very interesting to hear how other people in other countries live. I was very shocked about the kids, because they can’t go to school, and must work with their own parents. They work the whole day to get enough money and food. Many workers haven’t got enough money to buy food, because their children are too young to work. But the organisation Fairtrade helps those people. They make fixed prices for coffee or cacao. A nice man led us through the market. In the middle of the guided tour we had a little break. My friend made a fair trade lemon juice. The market was very interesting and very informative. (Vici, 4a)


The Fairtrade market

On April 25 th we visited the Fairtrade market at the Rathaus. When we arrived at the market, there were a lot of stalls. Our guide Florian showed us the market.

After an hour we went into the Rathaus. Inside we watched a film about Fairtrade. You can see how the people work. The black people picked big yellow fruits from the trees. When the people gave the yellow fruits into a big bowl, the other people cut the fruit with a sharp knife.

After the film, Florian told us more about Fairtrade. He said, that the people have to get paid fairly for good work. After his presentation, we had time to look around the stalls.

Then we had time to try everything. It’s beautiful to see so many Fairtrade things.

It was a great outing to the Fairtrade market. We learned about Fairtrade. (Philipp, 4a)